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We believe all those involved in the sector should have access to lifelong learning mobility whether they are a manager, a referee, a student, an administrator, a volunteer, an athlete or a coach.


T2MIS is an innovative online tool that helps visitors to find the right information in two steps :


  • Complete the form to tell us more about your profile,
  • Browse selected programs and associated resources.


  • To highlight the benefits of learning mobility for individuals and organisations,
  • To differentiate and present all existing opportunities for the sport sector and provide information regarding criteria of eligibility, objectives and priorities, and
  • Provide quick access to some good practices and key documents.

Why such a platform?

 Help YOU to find your way into learning mobility opportunities and ensure that the sport and physical activity sector can benefit from a culture of learning mobility, building upon development training and lifelong learning to enable the workforce and theirorganisations to keep their skills and competences up to date.

The Partnership

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A representative of employers:
WOS, Netherlands

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A university :
MRU, Lithuania

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A national sport council:
Sport Malta

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An EU umbrella organisation:
EOSE, France

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