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“Some organisations and participants have already benefitted from learning mobility experience in the sector. Be inspired and learn from them. If they did it, you can surely do it as well!”

  • Enhancing key competences of coaches through international training courses

    2017, Foundation of the Sports Education and Information

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  • EURO 2016: Ambassadors of European values

    2016, Maison de l'Europe Bordeaux

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    2016, France Nano Sports

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  • Rencontres chorégraphiques de jeunes : Mode H 2015

    2015, Mode H Europe

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  • Sportivement vôtre!

    2016, Municipal Sports Office of Contrexéville

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  • "CIRCUIT": Create an International, Respectful, Collaborative and Universal Interdisciplinary Teaching.

    2015, Collège Vincent Badie

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  • Développement Européen des Pratiques Professionnelles dans l’Emploi Sportif

    2015, Association pour la Formation des Jeunes sportifs d’Île-de-France

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  • SUCCESS-capacity Building Programme for Public Service Sports Administrators

    2016, Sport Malta

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  • #THE GOAL: Understanding the value of long-term development in youth football management

    2016, Youth Football Association (Malta)

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  • Inclusion & Gender Equality Through Softball - IGETS

    2017, Ghajnsielem Redcoats

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  • South and North meet through Sport

    2015, SIRENS ASC

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  • S2A Sport - From Strategy to Actions

    2017, European Observatoire of Sport and Employement

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  • One year EVS volunteering in university sport - EUSA

    2018, EUSA Institute (established in 2016 by EUSA – European Union of Sport Association)

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  • Welcome to Türkiye

    2017, Sof Dagi Genclik Ve Spor Kulubu Dernegi

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  • Inclusive Dance and Movement practice, the transferable skills of the dance artist

    2015, Fontys Dance Academy, part of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts

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  • Changing the game by changing its players

    2015, International Sports Alliance

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  • Improvement of qualification for sports training specialists

    2016, Lithuanian Union of Sport Federation - LSTS

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  • Strengthening Coaching with the Objective to Raise Equality – SCORE

    2016, European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO)

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  • Jobshadowing and teaching abroad

    2017, Stichting pcpo capelle krimpen

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  • EVS at ISCA

    2017, ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association

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  • Training Athletes for Sport Events Management -TASEM

    2017, National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia – Spain

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  • Learning mobility as a skillset developer

    “These three months in Finland have been a unique opportunity to discover a new culture and a new way of working in a different environment. It gave me the opportunity to gain some experience and provide a better quality of work. I would like to continue improving my skills abroad in a new country."

    Brice Perret Gentil


    From the University Lyon1, 3 months internship in Finland in 2015

    "I was given a lot of freedom in EUSA and had to figure out the best solution to have good results. That was challenging and I learned a lot through this unformal learning method. Learning by experiencing and making some mistakes… Oh, yeah I did some mistakes and sometimes big ones! Sorry, hehe! But I will never do them again and it’s a good benefit from this method.”

    Romain Charrier

    From France, 1 year EVS at EUSA in Slovenia

    “The job shadowing learning mobility equipped the participating employees with a wider perspective of the operational sector within sports as they were able to witness and participate in the day-to-day activities. This information was then transferred to management at SportMalta and some of the initiatives that applied to the Maltese scene were actually implemented.”

    Janet Debrincat

    Sport Malta Communications Officer and SUCCESS Project Leader

    "From now on in my session, I will be trying to use more of a democratic and laissez-faire approach and see what good it does"

    Stacy Giordmania


    From KMS, a week job-shadowing in Finland in 2015

    "I learned to live on my own in a foreign country without needing someone to help me, I learned to handle difficult situations, and I learned to trust myself."


    a participant from Spain

    "With young people from other countries we managed to communicate something important and to show people that we could give emotion and joy, and even though we are disabled, we showed that we were able to achieve together a huge show."


    Young exchange participant from France

    “Sometimes the journey is not about to find out who you are, but about to discover who you are not. You have to know when you have had enough or it is worth to hold on because, in the end, some greater thing will come along.”

    Anett Fodor

    From Hungary, 1 year EVS at EUSA in Slovenia

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