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SUCCESS-capacity Building Programme for Public Service Sports Administrators

May 22, 2018

Project Context




European project

More Info

  • Country of the applicant: Malta
  • Countries of the partner organisations: France

Project Context




European project

More Info

  • Country of the applicant: Malta
  • Countries of the partner organisations: France

Lead Organisation Information

Name of the lead organisation

Sport Malta

Type of the lead organisation

Governmental organisation


  • Type (public, private, etc): Public
  • Name of the funding programme: European Social Fund (ESF), Strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector
  • Amount for the whole project: 377.405 EUR
  • Amount for the Job Shadowing: 79.559 EUR

Type of activity

Concrete activities / learning mobility scheme


Sport and Physical Activities

Description of the initiative

  • The SUCCESS project training programme was developed in response to an identified need from SportMalta. The programme’s objective was to enhance the skills and competences of the current SportMalta workforce within specific areas in order that the structure and environment in which sport is created, delivered and maintained in Malta can be improved. The programme was developed to produce a reflective practitioner, who is able to work in diverse sport related settings and demonstrate an awareness of the importance of continuous professional development in a challenging and changing vocational environment.
  • There was a learning mobility aspect of the project, carried out in June 2015, involved a total of 40 participants from Malta taking part in tailored week-long job shadowing across six placement hubs sourced by EOSE in five different countries. This job shadowing experience gave participants new perspectives on all aspects of sports administration and delivery and developed ideas which can be used or adapted in the Maltese sport context. There was fantastic feedback about the placements from both participants and the receiving organisations who facilitated the placement opportunities abroad.

Beneficiaries Information


  • Administrator

About The Mobility Experience

Country visited & duration

  • Country(ies) visited: Netherlands, Finland, UK, Wales, Ireland, Lithuania
  • Duration:  5 days

Factors of success

  • Quality of the partnership
  • Clear learning outcomes
  • Practical and easy-to-use support to the learner

Testimonial from the organiser

“The job shadowing learning mobility equipped the participating employees with a wider perspective of the operational sector within sports as they were able to witness and participate in the day-to-day activities. This information was then transferred to management at SportMalta and some of the initiatives that applied to the Maltese scene were actually implemented.” 
Janet Debrincat Sport Malta Communications Officer and SUCCESS Project Leader on 20.09.2018

Testimonial from a participant

“A week is not enough and I have changed my perspective of going abroad!”
Alana Blondin from SportMalta, traineeship in Finland


“This experience expanded my comfort zone and helped me overcoming my fears.”
Shirley Saliba from SportMalta, traineeship in Ireland


“I have never experienced anything of the sort. I came back with a bag of ideas, a broader mind on how to deal with a vast range of topics and a new insight on sport. I recommend this experience to anyone.”
Tanya Zahra from SportMalta, traineeship in the Netherlands

Testimonial from sending or host organisation

“The fact that 40 employees were able to gain experience in 6 different countries indeed brought to SportMalta a wealth of experience and skill enrichment that I was able to implement in the entity.”
Mark Cutajar, CEO of SportMalta


“Following the saying ‘Better to see once than to hear ten times’ I really promote the idea of continuation of learning mobility opportunity to different sport occupation persons in order to grow both professionally and personally.”
Vilma Cingiene, EOSE Executive Board Member and host of the Maltese delegation in Lithuania


“If I compare the student trainees and these adults / professionals – This group was more ‘critical’ and they were comparing the routines in Finland and in Malta which was very good. They gave us feedback what we don’t normally notice ourselves such as ‘Everything goes so smoothly here in Vierumäki – no panic or rush – as we have at our center in Malta’. Furthermore this Maltese group activated our own organisation : not only did we had to think again about where we come from as an organisation an what we deliver, something beneficial you have to do every time you introduce your own organisation to visitors but I for example have visited places like swimming pools engineering room where I don’t have been ever before.”
Mairit Pellinen, EOSE Executive Board Member and host of the Maltese delegation in Finland


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