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Rencontres chorégraphiques de jeunes : Mode H 2015

May 22, 2018

Project Context




European project

More Info

  • Country of the applicant: France
  • Countries of the partner organisations: Lithuania, Poland,  Portugal, Romania, Spain and Portugal

Project Context




European project

More Info

  • Country of the applicant: France
  • Countries of the partner organisations: Lithuania, Poland,  Portugal, Romania, Spain and Portugal

Lead Organisation Information

Name of the lead organisation

Mode H Europe

Type of the lead organisation

Non for profit association


  • Type (public, private, etc): Public
  • Name of the funding programme: Erasmus +, KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals, Youth Exchanges
  • Amount: NA

Type of activity

Concrete activities / learning mobility scheme


Sport and Physical Activities

Description of the initiative

  • The Erasmus + youth exchange project took place in two phases: the preparatory visit in June and the meeting itself in November 2015. The young people were strongly involved in the implementation of the project, in their countries respective, via social networks, and then on the spot by signing a charter of engagement taking up the great principles citizens of Europe and the European program Erasmus +.
  • At the end of November 2015, for one week, 60 young, valid and invalid (motor or mental disabilities), all volunteers, from six European countries (Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, France) met in Tours. They participated in several activities: dance workshops and artistic creation (hip hop, zumba, folk dance), public performances (more than 7000 participants on the four sessions including 1500 people during the final performance and 2 sessions dedicated to school) shared, youth-initiated shared activities (choreographic strolling, theater-mime, puppets, singing, fresco on “disability and living well together” etc.), exchange and feedback meetings experiences.
  • Each youth has a Youthpass certificate. This project helped to empower young invalid (and valid) participants by improving their abilities (physical, intellectual, social, moral) and by revealing their capacity for initiative and creation. The teams that participated in the choreographic meetings had a unique experience, confronted with a reality (the valid / invalid association) which then allowed them to imagine “possible”.

Beneficiaries Information


    • NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 60 young able and disable bodies

    About The Mobility Experience

    Country visited & duration

    • Country(ies) visited: France
    • Duration: 5 days

    Factors of success

    • Quality of the partnership
    • Clear learning outcomes

    Testimonial from the organiser

    “These meetings have allowed young valid and invalid Europeans to live the experience of a shared project of which they were the direct actors. They reflect Mode H’s desire to be part of a united European citizenship that ignores differences and advocates living together, tolerance and social inclusion of people with disabilities.”
    Alain Serieys – Mode H project leader

    Testimonial from a participant

    “With young people from other countries we managed to communicate something important and to show people that we could give emotion and joy, and even though we are disabled, we showed that we were able to achieve together a huge show.”
    Gwendoline – young exchange participant from France


    Other important information and feedback about the good practice

    • The project won a trophy in the category “Coordinated professional practices and multidisciplinary stimulation devices” at the International Congress of Support Activities (CIMA).
    • The impacts of the project were first and foremost local and regional: creating or strengthening links with associations, communities, schools, businesses, etc. At the national level, the project benefited from the visibility of certain partners such as foundations or companies of national stature. Finally, on the European level, the impact has been twofold: it has allowed to federate energies and to be able to carry a project at the European level creating an awareness but also a will to engage in other projects with other countries.

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